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JulieKnitting for my sister, Diana, and me started out as a hobby. It has quickly become a passion and now, a business. I'm having so much fun encouraging my friends, teaching children, and offering the latest yarns and accessories. Whether you're new to knitting, rekindling a hobby from the past, or willing to teach me a few things.

- I welcome you to my shop, Julie


Demonstration: Blocking

When: March 28th (Saturday) from 9-10am

Cost: FREE

Many knitters are puzzled when they come across the instructions: "Block to finished measurements." Do you really have to block your work? Should you block before or after assembling the pieces? What is blocking anyway, and how should you go about it?  Join Lindsay for a demonstration of the basics of blocking that will include how pins and blocking wires can be effectively used to block lace. Class limit: 6

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