Knitting Classes

Whether you are a novice or an experienced knitter, we offer a broad range of classes and open knitting sessions. If you're stuck on a project or looking for new ideas, our staff is willing and able to help you at any time.

Julie is avalable for two hours of FREE project support every week.  If you hit a snag with a project, you can stop in at the shop and she will help you find a solution.  She will be at the shop on Wednesday mornings from 10am -12pm for your support, and help will be provided on a first come first served basis.

We also offer $35 private tutorial hours for one on one help with an expert.  Class registration closes one week prior to first class meeting.  Call the shop to register.



Call: 970.407.1461



2014-2015 Class Schedule


Snowflower Ornament Demonstration
Instructor: Julie L.

When: December 2th (Tuesday) from 6-7:30pm

Cost: $FREE

Julie will be offering a FREE demonstration of the crochet techniques required to make Snowflower ornaments that will make your holidays a bit more festive. This quick and easy crochet pattern could be used to create delicate decorations for your holiday tree, to spruce up the wrapping of your hand made gifts or as gifts on their own for your friends and family.

Julie will be offering a FREE demonstration of the crochet techniques required to make these ornaments


Skills Clinic: Blocking 101
Instructor: Lindsay S.

When: December 6th (Saturday) from 9-10am

Cost: $25 (excluding yarn and supplies)

Many knitters are puzzled when they come across the instructions: "Block to finished measurements." Do you really have to block your work? Should you block before or after assembling the pieces? What is blocking anyway, and how should you go about it?  Join Lindsay for a demonstration of the basics of blocking that will include how pins and blocking wires can be effectively used to block lace. Class limit: 6


Churchmouse Wreaths
Instructor: Theresa

When: December 6th (Saturday) from 9 - 11am

Cost: $FREE (with purchase of project kit - Small wreath: $52 Large wreath: $97)

Theresa will be sharing tips and tricks to complete on of her favorite holiday patterns: the Churchmouse Yarns & Teas' Wooly Wreath and Garlands.
The pattern makes wreaths of two sizes and we've kitted up the materials needed for this project.  Each kit includes a copy of the pattern and the appropriate yardage of deliciously soft Fleece Artist Slubby Blue yarn to make a generously full wreath that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.  Theresa will provide help to those who purchase a kit to master the tricky wrapped stitch that creates all those soft beautiful loops of yarn that create the downy texture that we love.  Class limit: 6.


Fixing Mistakes
Instructor: Amelia

When: December 10th (Wednesday) from 5:30-7pm

Cost: $35 (excluding yarn and supplies)

Let’s all admit it; there are times when knitting can become frustrating because of a dropped stitch or constant unraveling. Let Amelia help by teaching you how to get over the inevitable speed bumps. In this class, students will learn basic fixes like making vertical and horizontal corrections; unraveling, recognizing and correcting twisted and skipped stitches, and common causes for too many or too few stitches. Before class, students will be asked to make a 4 inch Stockinette swatch with worsted weight yarn. Don’t bind off. Class limit: 6
Bring your knitted swatch with you to class, and a crochet hook and any knitting needle size 5 or smaller.