Knitting Classes

Whether you are a novice or an experienced knitter, we offer a broad range of classes and open knitting sessions. If you're stuck on a project or looking for new ideas, our staff is willing and able to help you at any time.  We also offer $35 private tutorial hours for one on one help with an expert.  Class registration closes one week prior to first class meeting.  Call the shop to register.



Call: 970.407.1461



2014-2015 Class Schedule


Skills Clinic: Gauge 101
Instructor: Amelia

When: October 4th (Saturday) from 9 - 10:30am

Cost: $35 (excluding yarn and supplies)

What is gauge and why is it important?  Sometimes called "Tension", it simply means stitches per inch. It will be different depending on the yarn, needle size, individual knitter, and stitch pattern.  If you don’t know your gauge, you will not know what size your piece will be. Bring in a swatch and learn how to count your stitches and rows for accurate gauge measurements.  Then join in a discussion about how gauge can influence your knitting. Class limit: 6

Bring a 4 inch stockinette swatch using worsted weight yarn and US 8 needles.


Skills Clinic: Double Knitting
Instructor: Amelia

When: October 4th (Saturday) from 11 - 12:30pm

Cost: $35 (excluding yarn and supplies)

Are you eager to learn how to double knit? Amelia can introduce you to the technique that allows you to knit two layers simultaneously on the same needles.  This fun technique will have you knitting two color reversible patterns that have no "wrong side".  Begin your adventure with a basic pattern, where you’ll discover how to knit both sides of the fabric simultaneously and change yarn colors. Class limit: 6.

Please bring a US size 7 16” circular needle and 2 colors of worsted weight yarn to class.


Skills Clinic: Picking up Stitches
Instructor: Lindsay S.

When: October 4th (Saturday) from 11-12pm

Cost: $25 (excluding yarn and supplies)

This technique can allow you to add on to an existing piece of knitting, without the need for live stitches.  You can lengthen a knitted piece that has been completed, add sleeves at an armhole, or add a neckband or button band along a garment’s edge. Join Lindsay to learn how to pick up stitches along both horizontal and vertical edges.  Class limit: 6.
Bring in a 4 inch stockinette swatch and corresponding knitting needles.

September6, 20

Learn to Knit Socks (Top-down)
Instructor: Lindsay S.

When: September 6th 9 – 10:30am, September 20th 9-12pm, October 4th 9-10:30am

Cost: $65 (excluding yarn and supplies.)

Are you eager to try your hand at socks, but feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the different aspects you need to master?  Join Lindsay for a class that will teach you the basics of knitting top-down socks.  You’ll begin with a session learning to cast on and work in the round using double pointed needles. After a couple of weeks to work on the leg of your sock at home, you’ll meet again to master some of the trickiest parts of sock construction: heel flap, gussets, and turns.  The last class session will have you finishing your socks with decreases, reading your stitches and learning the kitchener seaming technique for a seamless grafted toe! All of these fun techniques can be easily translated to other projects and Lindsay will share tips and ideas with you throughout the class that will have you working with confidence.  Class limit: 6.

Bring 300 – 400 yards of worsted weight (preferably superwash) yarn and US 3 bamboo or wooden double pointed needles, darning needle and a circular needle to class.  (Materials are available at 20% discount at sign up).


Contiguous Shoulder Workshop
Instructor: Vic E.

When: October 11th (Saturday) from 9-12pm

Cost: $65 (excluding yarn and supplies)

The Contiguous method is a way of knitting the shoulder seams and sleeve caps of a garment from the top down that can be utilized for cardigan or pullover sweaters. It naturally forms a nice shoulder slope without the diagonal seam created using the raglan method.  We will spend the morning working with scrap yarn going through the basics of this method.  From cast on, to sleeve cap, we will work through the beginning of a top down doll-sized sweater giving you a chance to practice the method.  We will also look through various sweater patterns available on Ravelry that use this method.  Time permitting; we can get cast on for a new sweater project!  Class limit: 6.

Bring scrap yarn and corresponding needles to class.


Fixing Mistakes
Instructor: Amelia

When: October 15th (Wednesday) from 5:30-7pm

Cost: $35 (excluding yarn and supplies)

Let’s all admit it; there are times when knitting can become frustrating because of a dropped stitch or constant unraveling. Let Amelia help by teaching you how to get over the inevitable speed bumps. In this class, students will learn basic fixes like making vertical and horizontal corrections; unraveling, recognizing and correcting twisted and skipped stitches, and common causes for too many or too few stitches. Before class, students will be asked to make a 4 inch Stockinette swatch with worsted weight yarn. Don’t bind off. Class limit: 6
Bring your knitted swatch with you to class, and a crochet hook and any knitting needle size 5 or smaller.

October18, 25

Learn to Knit
Instructor: Robin

When: October 18th & 25th (Saturdays) 9-10:30am

Cost: FREE with the purchase of supply kit

Join Robin for an introductory course in knitting! Students will learn the basics of knitting that will give them the skills required to make a scarf, pillow cover, or washcloth.  We will cover casting on, the knit and purl stitch, binding off on a sample swatch; as well as various other handy skills like reading your stitches and how to create simple stitch patterns. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what all that means… Robin will teach you!  Class limit: 6




Skills Clinic: Seaming 101
Instructor: Amelia

When: October 25th (Saturday) 9-11am

Cost: $45 (excluding yarn and supplies)

Are you ready for the next step in fearlessly finishing your projects?  Now is your chance to get some hands on experience learning various seaming techniques for straight edge seams including mattress seams, garter stitch seams, Kitchener, and three needle bind offs.  Please knit six 4 inch swatches using worsted weight yarn and US 8 needles (4 swatches knit in stockinette with two swatches left on the needles for the kitchener, and 2 garter stitch).   Class limit: 6.

Bring swatches and a darning needle to class.