Get It While It Lasts!

North Light Fibers is discontinuing their worsted weight Water Street and Atlantic yarns.  Never fear, the DKs will still be available! 

If you’ve been wanting some of this luscious yarn now is the time to get it before it’s all gone!  

North Light Fibers is on Block Island, twelve miles off the coast of Rhode Island.  It's a small place, with 48% of the island protected by conservation easements.  In the middle of this idyllic spot is Abrams Farm. North Light Fibers' micro mill is located on this farm on the far side of the alpaca pasture!  There are also yak, camels, llamas, kangaroos, Scottish Highland bulls, and assorted sheep and goats who live there. Sven and Laura Risom are passionate about producing luxury yarn with the finest fiber they can find.  Their yarns go from raw fiber to luxurious skeins in their small mill! Everything is done on the island. They have scoured the world to find the finest fibers to supplement the fiber raised on the island.  

North Light Fibers Water Street worsted weight

Water Street worsted weight is the perfect luxurious balance of cashmere and merino.  Cashmere must be knowledgeably sourced as it can get old, dry, and brittle easily; traits that are unacceptable to Sven and Laura.  It also must be spun ever-so-carefully to avoid pilling which is caused by short, broken fibers. Most of North Light Fibers' cashmere comes from Mongolia, Pakistan, and Kyrgyzstan via Scotland!

North Light Fibers Atlantic worsted weight

Atlantic is 100% Falkland Island merino worsted weight that is soft and bouncy.  Merino wool can be different depending on climate, altitude, and feed, among other criteria.  Merino from the Falkland Islands, off of southern Argentina, is known to be of the highest quality.  The sheep are sturdy and basically pest free. Naturally, if North Light Fibers has to go abroad to find the quality of merino they seek, they go to the Falklands!  

Water Street and Atlantic are waiting for you on the far wall as you enter the shop!  Come in and treat yourself to a skein; we have several pattern suggestions and we're happy to help you find one you can't wait to cast on! 

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We are eagerly anticipating shipments from Magpie Fibers, Colorful Eclectic and Six and Seven Fibers in the near future!

We invite you to come into the shop and browse and squish and pet our yarn with abandon!