National Local Yarn Shop Day is April 27th!

National Local Yarn Shop Day is a day to support and celebrate brick and mortar yarn stores.


There’s nothing quite like a LYS!  Each one has its own character and knitters search them out when traveling!  Some have even become a destination in their own right.

America’s Knitting keeps track of the number of local yarn shops in the U.S. and has published a year end report since 2008.  In that year there were 1,444 LYSs. The report for 2018 is 937 shops, down from 970 in 2017. The number has gone down each year since 2008.

Some people don’t have a local yarn shop but here in Fort Collins there are more LYSs per capita than in many cities.  We are fortunate that we have so many devoted knitters in this region!


There’s nothing like walking into a small local yarn shop!  They are cozy and delight your senses. The colors of the yarns and the samples inspire your creativity!  You can squish and smell the yarn as long as you like. You can choose the exact colorway that brings you joy.  Most often there’s a welcoming community knitting space to meet other knitters while you work on a project or get advice on patterns and which colors to use.  The owners of local yarn shops are passionate about yarn and everything that goes with it! Their yarn shops reflect their personality and style.

As a small business, My Sister Knits is able to stock small batch ‘indie’ yarns and accessories that are not readily available elsewhere.  Julie loves to find items that she thinks our customers will love just as much as she does!


Local yarn shops are part of the fabric of America.  They reflect the artistry and interests of their region.  They allow visitors to experience the uniqueness of small shops across the land.  Consider this as you travel, even if it’s as near as the next city or town. Search out local yarn shops to see what they have to offer!  Ask questions and you may just find an interesting backstory on how that shop came to be.


In the meantime, we invite you to come to My Sister Knits on Saturday, April 27th to enjoy some refreshments and take advantage of a surprise sale!