Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets

Last week our blog post was about interchangeable circular needles and the advantages of owning a set.

This week we’re showcasing Knitter’s Pride interchangeable needle sets which are many and varied!  We have several in the shop for you to check out from extra special sets to a starter set. All of the Knitter’s Pride interchangeable needles have smooth joins and flexible cables.

Karbonz Starter Sets

Karbonz are not wooden but not like a metal needle either!  They are made with a high-tech carbon fiber and have electroplated brass tips.  We think they are not as slick as metal but not as grippy as wood.

Knitters Pride Interchangeable Circular Needles

The Starter Set of interchangeable needles consists of just five needle tips in sizes US 2.5 through US 6.  The set has cords to 24” and 32” circular needles. Not many interchangeable needle sets come with needle tips below US 4.


These are the staple of the Knitter’s Pride line. These needles are so pretty!  Each size is a different color and the grain of the polished wood adds to their beauty.  The set comes in sizes US 4 though US 11.

My Sister Knits

The cables are also different colors which makes it effortless to get the length you’re looking for! The cables are neon green, orange, and red.  If you’ve never pulled out three cables of the same color and had to straighten them all out before you knew which was which, you won’t quite appreciate this to the fullest!

Dreamz 16”

These are the ultimate for making hats!  Often the ribbing is knit with a smaller size needle and then you change to a larger one for the body of the hat.  This set of 16” interchangeable needles makes that process so much easier! No more fumbling with the free end of each needle, making sure the stitches stay where they’re supposed to be!

Interchangeable Circular Needles

This set contains sizes 4 to 10 and the tips are shorter than the full size Dreamz needles which is necessary for a 16” needle.  These are made of the same enchanting polished wood as their big sister’s!


These are perfect for knitters who prefer metal needles! They are lightweight and warm to the touch. Each size is a different shimmery color.

Knit and Purr Gift Set

learn to knit

This interchangeable needle set is absolutely gorgeous!  The black and red wooden needle tips are finished by hand to complete the look.  The cables are black matte to complement the needles. This set comes with an adorable tote bag for your next project!

Knitters Pride gift sets

Golden Light Gift Set

This delightful set has the warm oranges and reds of sunset.  The cables are the same colors as the Dreamz. This set comes with a zippered pouch complete with a butterfly zipper pull and a shawl pin.

interchangeable needles

We invite you to come into My Sister Knits and test some of these needles!