Enter Shibui Tweed Silk Cloud!

Tweed Silk Cloud has just joined the Shibui family of yarn! At My Sister Knits we love the elegance of Shibui yarns and the sumptuous fabric they create. Now we have a new yarn to play with!


Silk Cloud, like all Shibui yarns, can be used on its own or combined with another yarn. It creates a delicate fabric that is soft as down on your skin and when combined with another yarn it adds texture and dimension to your project. Above we have our beloved and versatile Inclination Cowl made with one strand of Tweed Silk Cloud and one strand of Shibiu Knits Echo.

Tweed Silk Cloud’s tiny flecks create visual interest and add a special element to garments and accessories!


Shibui has a collection of ‘Free with Purchase’ patterns. If you purchase the amount of Silk Cloud necessary for the pattern, the pattern is included for free. The 13 patterns that use Silk Cloud include large and small cowls, shawls, scarves, and a poncho. We have a list of them at the shop; we’ll be happy to show it to you!

The featured Free with Purchase pattern for Tweed Silk Cloud is the exquisite Sunstone Cowl. It is knit on size 3 and 4 needles with one strand of yarn. There is a pretty little textured stitch every so often which is a 1x1 cross: you slip one purl-wise with the yarn in front, p1, yo, and pass the slipped stitch over the p1 and yo. Fun and easy on a mostly stockinette background.


Shibui puts a lot of time into swatching yarn combinations and deciding which work and which don’t. Plus, these swatches inform their decisions about what yarn weight the combinations create. For instance, if you’d like to make a pattern that calls for a worsted weight, you can combine Tweed Silk Cloud with Lunar. You will find the ‘Mix Cheat Sheet’, as Shibui calls it, at the shop. It’s so much fun to create a fabric you adore by combining yarns!

If you are able to get into the shop on Thursday, July 16th, bring your needles and play with our samples of Tweed Silk Cloud! We think you are going to love this addition to the Shibui family as much as we do!