Focus On: The Farmer's Daughter Fibers Yarn

Those of you who have been asking will be thrilled to know that we have received a shipment of The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers yarn!  We’ve been anxiously awaiting this delivery of Craggy Tweed DK, Squish Worsted, and Juicy DK. We are fortunate to be one of only two yarn shops in Colorado to carry this delectable yarn.

This yarn comes to us from Candice English in Great Falls, Montana.  Montana is in Candice’s blood! Her mother was born and raised on the Blackfeet Reservation which is east of Glacier National Park and just south of Alberta, Canada.  

Squish Worsted

Squish Worsted

Her father’s family was from northeastern Montana, a region that symbolizes the state with rolling prairies, wheat fields, cattle herds, and mountains in the distance. Her paternal grandmother was known for her love and artistry in traditional fiber arts, including knitting.  Luckily, this passion was passed down to her granddaughters!  

As Candice says, “Rich American roots, traditions, strength, and family ways drive us  It embodies all aspects of what we do.”

Juicy DK

Juicy DK

Through their Sisters United Initiative, The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers is dedicated to making monthly contributions to local and national programs that support Native women, youth, and communities. A list of the organizations who have benefited from their contributions is on their website.

Squish Worsted and Juicy DK yarn are 100% Superwash Merino.  Merino is known as a fine, soft wool with elasticity and suppleness and is excellent for next-to-skin wear!


Craggy Tweed DK is 85% Superwash Merino and 15% Nep which is small knots of fiber intentionally embedded in the yarn. 

Candice is an incredibly talented dyer.  Her yarns are either tonal or speckled. Every speckled yarn has more than one tonal to pair it with so that has a tendency to cause decisions to be difficult!  On the flip side, it is so nice to have tonals and speckles from the same dyer!

We’re excited for you to see these yarn colorways for yourself!  Fair warning, as soon as you pick one up, you’ll notice how squishy it is and it will be hard to put down!