Polarized Hat Class!

With mornings and evenings getting cooler our thoughts are beginning to turn to fall knitting.  A new hat is a great way to celebrate the coming change of seasons!

We have a hat class for you in September that gives you a chance to gain colorwork experience and learn how to make the exquisite Latvian Braid!  

Shop sample knit with Brooklyn Tweed woolen spun Shelter

Shop sample knit with Brooklyn Tweed woolen spun Shelter

Tanis Gray’s Polarized Hat uses the Latvian Braid to visually separate the fair isle colorwork section from the ribbing and the rest of the hat.  It’s worked over three rounds to create a twisted, rope-like look in your knitting.  

Using two colors and knit and purl stitches, the braid is made by crossing the colors either over or under each other as you are purling.  On one round the main color is passed over the contrast color and on the next round, it’s passed under. This is a striking detail that can be added to almost any project!

Tanis explains it precisely in her directions and Julie Jenson will guide you through the process during class.  Tanis also gives us a large, easy to read chart for the fair isle pattern.

Shop sample knit with Blue Sky Fibers worsted spun Woolstok

Shop sample knit with Blue Sky Fibers worsted spun Woolstok

We have two samples of this worsted weight hat on display in the shop.  One is made with worsted spun Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok and the other uses woolen spun Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.  There is quite a difference in the feel and drape of these two hats. This is an excellent chance to see and feel the difference of the two types of spinning processes in the same pattern!

As our two samples show you, this hat can be made out of any worsted weight yarn.  You need two high contrast colors, that’s it! The yarns in the photo are some but by no means all of your choices of yarn for the Polarized Hat at My Sister Knits!


This two session class is over two Saturdays, September 21st and 28th, from 2:30 until 4:30.  You can sign up for it online, in person, or by calling My Sister Knits at 970.407.1461.

The Polarized Hat promises to be such a fun knit, using several techniques to expand your knitting tool box! Even if you can’t take the class, we invite you into the shop to see and feel the difference between a worsted spun and a woolen spun project!