Fabulous Frida!

This week My Sister Knits received a breathtakingly beautiful shawl that we immediately put on display!  Frida is an older Brooklyn Tweed triangular shawl design published in 2013. 


Frida is a magnificent example of a classic design that never goes out of style!  It also perfectly illustrates how using a different yarn changes a project. In this case, two of Shibui’s newest yarns, Nest and Tweed Silk Cloud, are held together to create a delicate, flowing shawl.  

When this shawl is created with Brooklyn Tweed Loft, it results in a lightweight rather rustic shawl with some drape.  Our sample is a featherweight bit of elegance with superb drape!  

Shibui Nest is 75% Fine Highland Wool and 25% Alpaca.  Tweed Silk Cloud is 65% Silk and 35% Kid Mohair. Loft is 100% wool.  The different fibers used create vastly different end products!

Shibui Nest

Shibui Nest

We can learn even more from this sample!  Besides being made with a different yarn than the pattern calls for, this shawl is also made with a different weight.  The original pattern calls for Loft which is a fingering weight. Our Frida is made from a DK weight paired with a lace weight with larger needles than the pattern suggests. 

Fort collins yarn shop

Swatching and a creative, curious, courageous mind not afraid of making a mistake led to our stunning sample!  

As with all Brooklyn Tweed patterns, this one is thorough and well explained ensuring success.  The construction and chart notes are detailed. There are written instructions as well as the charts so you may choose your preferred way of following the pattern!  

My Sister Knits

The special loop stitch is carefully explained step by step.  We suggest practicing on a swatch if you are unsure of following the directions correctly.   After a few tries you should get the hang of it; it’s a fun and impressive stitch sure to garner much admiration of your knitting skills!  As always, if you need help, just pop into the shop!  

Be sure to come in and ooh and ahh over this shawl!  

CORRECTION! I was wrong about holding the Nest and Tweed Silk Cloud together. They are used separately. The stockinette portion is knitted with one strand of Nest and the lace portion with one strand of Tweed Silk Cloud. I apologize for giving out the wrong information. Jenny