If one is good, two is better!

We have two lovely Assante shawls designed by Melanie Berg currently featured in the shop. She has become one of our favorite designers and we are thrilled with these latest additions to our sample collection.assanteOn the left is a version knit up by Amy who used Neighborhood Fibre Co. Rustic Fingering yarn on a US 4.  Our second Assante shawl, hanging on the right, was created by Amelia with three skeins of MadelineTosh Merino Light on a US 4."Assante is a shawl that knits up very easily and at the same time has a dramatic look. All you need is a bit patience for the last, long rows." You may as Melanie suggests, want to take a look at the other shawls that have been posted to Ravelry.  The selection of almost 100 provides a rich collection of different color combinations to seek inspiration from.You could also pay us a visit and we can help you find the perfect skeins among our generous selection of finer yarns. We look forward to seeing you soon!