A great join that will save you time

Not long ago Amy, one of our teachers, shared a technique with me that I feel is worth passing along.  While we were chatting one afternoon, she mentioned Jane Richmond's Magic Knot as being her favorite way to join yarns.  She told me with a smile, "I no longer have to weave in ends."And I thought, "really?!"  No one like to weave in ends.  This was potentially a game changer.I'm embarrassed to confess to you that it took me several weeks before I looked for the  youtube video that shows Jane making her magic square knot; and it wasn't until my last project that I finally gave it a try.  Funny how a great idea can take a little while to catch on.It is a great trick.  The knot is very secure and does in fact disappear beautifully into your fabric.  (Note: I found it was better camouflaged in garter stitch sections than stockinette).I think that it will be my go-to join in the future, especially within textured fabrics or when using rustic slubby yarns that will best hide the knot.  I suspect that the knot would be visible when using finer yarns, especially in stockinette sections.  But you may decide that a small visible knot is better than woven ends, especially when the time spend weaving those in could be used to start your next project!Give it a try and let us know what you think.