A little sparkle

As our seasonal decorations come out of storage and our homes are transformed into festive wonderlands with tiny twinkle lights it begins to look a lot like Christmas.  If you've been humming under your breath and smiling at strangers, its likely that you've got the holiday spirit.  Let's enjoy it and have some fun!A darling little sample arrived in the shop that we wanted to share with you because this little tunic is bright, beautiful, and full of sparkle.kismetKismet, designed by Sara Gresbach is a pattern with 7 sizes running from 12 months to 12 years. Intended to be striped, we love how it knits up with one of our Sweet Georgia Party of Five kits with the Cashluxe Spark yarn. (Our friend Dani of Sunshine yarns created a similar version for her daughter Clara and it is as fresh and beautiful as a daisy.)This fresh spring color combination may not be the first thing that would pop into your head for a holiday dress, but what little girl could resist it?  And what a pleasure it would be to gift something that would be treasured because it makes her feel like a princess.  Isn't that magic exactly what we hope for from the holidays?We wish you a very fun and magical weekend and hope that your holiday season is a bright and beautiful one!  (The addition of a bit of sparkle is highly recommended).