A painter's palette

There is something magical about playing with brilliant color.  During the dim winter, riches hues can brighten you mood, help you find relaxation or simply put a grin on your face.frolick-transitionsA new yarn arrived in the shop last week that has us all thinking about color.  Done Roving Yarns' Frolicking Feet Transitions combines four complimentary colors that transition smoothly from one to the next.  These skeins create less of an ombre effect, as one that is more painterly.Shawls knit up with this yarn are stunning and occasionally playful.  You can find an exciting selection of pattern suggestions on Ravelry here.  Helen Stewart's Red Robin shawl can be created with a single skein.  You may decide to use each color change as your reminder to switch your stitch patterning."This cheery, light shawl will brighten up the bleakest months of the year, like the warbling notes of its namesake.  The main body of the shawl is worked in a super speedy stockinette stitch and the textured border is so straightforward it won’t slow you down much. The elongated triangular shape is emphasized with bouncy tassels at the points.It can be made with one skein of sock yarn and all sections of the shawl can easily be adjusted to the amount of yarn you have."Perfect.  Now it's just a matter of selecting a skein to play with.  Enjoy!