A perfect solution

All of us have scrambled for last minute gifts.  In spite of our best laid plans and careful lists, it is all too easy to find yourself looking for a few more things when you imagined that you'd be relaxing by the fireside.gift-ideas2-Julie has filled the shop with fun stocking stuffers and great gift ideas for those who love to knit and those who don't.What may be the most successful gift for the yarn lovers on your list is a gift certificate.  They will have a chance to come visit the shop and select the perfect item for themselves and thank you for the opportunity.Especially because, from now until the end of December, purchasing a gift certificate will provide you with a coupon for 30% off a single item.  This can be given along with the certificate to extend its value, or it can be a little treat that you keep and use yourself.What fun!  We hope that we'll see you this week so that we can wish you a very happy holiday.