A Stitch too Delicious to Miss

On a recent Sunday afternoon several of us from the My Sister Knits community took advantage of the chance to take a two-color brioche class from Stephen West! Stephen is one of the knitting world's most creative designers and an excellent teacher.Stephen-West-brioche-class-fixedIn addition to learning how to work the brioche stitch, we were encouraged to experiment with putting yarns of different weights and fibers together into a knitting project.  Stephen gives his students permission to break any common knitting ‘rule’ and see if they like the result!Spin-Cycle-Kit-fixedWhile we all were eager to learn to brioche and cast on our projects, Julie took to this stitch immediately.Julie-and-Stephen-brioching-RTPShe has already created 2 squishy Hawkshaw Cowls using different yarns! Several of us are in varying stages of progress on this cowl and samples are on display in the shop.If you are new to the technique, not to fear; there are many ways to learn to brioche:September 10, 17 & 24 we will be offering a Brioche Series where you will learn the basics in the first class; increasing, decreasing and cables in the second; and fixing mistakes in the last class.The Unapologetic Knitter  has a number of superb instruction videos on youtube. A little digging around will find an answer to almost any brioche question you have!Julie, Kimberly, and Jenny can help at the shop, with Julie being the most experienced. In addition, Jenny has mastered the transition between rounds when brioching in the round and will be happy to share that knowledge!spincycle-brioche-kits-under-tree-RTPWe have kits put together especially for two-color brioche with Spincycle Yarns' aran weight, single ply Independence.Now is a perfect time for you to try brioche.  Come into the shop to see all of the incredible color combinations and feel how cushiony and lush a brioche fabric is!  You'll get as excited about this stitch as we are and want to cast on without delay.