Another On the Go kit

Our On the Go kit series has launched to rave reviews last week.  We're delighted to so many of you are eager to bring these projects along with you on your summer adventures.  We hope that you'll send us photos of where you and your kits end up!kit-displayWe plan on adding to the collection all summer long with new color selections, new yarn options, as well as fresh projects.  And our next addition is the Sans Kerchief designed by Hannah Fettig.sans-01This little stockinette square is a great deal more sophisticated than you might initially imagine.  It's worth seeing in person.  Hannah took great pains to create a small accessory that beautifully highlights the magic that Quince & Co.'s 100% organic linen yarn Sparrow can create.sansIt has a fluid drape that just gets better every time it comes out of the washing machine.  Yep, that's right.  It's meant to be machine washed!  And the palette that Quince & Co. has devised is lovely.  We've selected a trio of our favorites, and other colors may become available as the summer progresses.We hope that you can pop into the shop so that you can see how special Sparrow is and how beautifully suited it is to fun simple drapey accessories like this Sans Kerchief and our new Toryn Gable shawl.  We look forward to seeing you soon!