Are you getting all the information you can about the shop?

My Sister Knits is a very special little yarn store.  We pride ourselves on our welcoming cozy shop, amazing product selection, and friendly staff.  While we do offer free shipping on any order, we are not set up for online sales.  But we do like to use the web to post fun information and interesting updates in a number of different online spots.  Just in case you weren't aware of all of them, here’s a rundown:

Our group page on Ravelry is a great resource for Ravelry users who like to keep up to date on what’s new in the shop. Julie regularly posts updates on new yarn arrivals.  It is also a unique spot to see our shared projects.  Those of us who knit up projects with yarn or patterns from the shop can share the details with the group; and it often features new samples that have just been finished, and are now on display.  We also have a contest posted there once a month. So you may want to keep an eye peeled for an opportunity to win great little prizes.

Our Facebook page is updated almost daily with new arrival information and upcoming classes.  Liking our page and our posts can be an easy way to ensure that our updates are fed directly to your page. Just logging into Facebook will mean that our news arrives just as the updates from your family and friends do.  You’ll find out about new products, new colors of your favorite yarns, and new patterns.  You’ll be among the first to know what is fresh in the door.

Our monthly newsletter and special invitations can arrive in your email inbox by signing up at the bottom right corner of our website’s home page. Our newsletter includes a preview of the classes, special events, and Deals of the Day for the upcoming month.  When we hold special events like trunk shows or sales, we can send you a personal invitation with all of the details.  We are careful about limiting our emails to at most two a month, because we know how overwhelming a full inbox can feel.

We hope that if you are interested, you'll sign up for any and all additional updates; so that you can stay as up to date with what's going on in the shop as you'd like.  If you'd like some technical support, give us a call at the shop, or stop in and we can log in toegether to make sure that you are signed up.  We look forward to seeing you soon and being in touch everyday.