Are you ready to try spinning?

Just last week, Ravelry featured an article on their home page that highlighted some beautiful hand-spun yarn.  (You should be able to find it by scrolling down the Ravelry home page). rav spin screenAnd we realized that you may not know that we have some brand new Anzula roving in stock that you might want to try your hand at spinning. anzula rovingThese beautiful hanks are 100% BFL Wool that has been hand dyed by Sabrina at Anzula.  Combining these colors will make a breathtakingly gorgeous yarn filled with jewel tones worth highlighting.  These are $16 each.  Which is your favorite?For those of you who want to experiment with natural undyed fibers, we have a large selection for you to choose from. anzula roving miscFrom left to right we have Baby llama in three lush neutral tones.  The first two hanks on the left are 4oz., and the off-white is 2 3/4 oz.  All three are $35.  We also have 4 oz. of Baby Camel fiber for $56; and last but not least is Yak on far right, 4oz. for $52.We also have two colors of Baby Alpaca fiber (a dark black and a rich warm brown) in 4 oz.  hanks for $36.For those of you who wan to learn more about the nuances of different fibers, you may want to check out a new FREE craftsy class by Derorah Robson: Know Your Wool, that walks you through some fiber basics.  There is also a small selection of other spinning classes available on craftsy that might help get you started.We hope that you'll try your hand at spinning this Spring.  Let us know what you end up creating.  We'd love to share photos of your work with our Facebook friends.