Armchair travel

When you can't take that holiday that you may be wishing for, sometimes it can be fun to take a virtual trip.  This time of year I often find myself drawn to reading travelogues or knitting while listening to a story about a far off locale.  Today we have some fun samples to share with you that are part of Blue Sky Alpaca's Destination Collection.Both of these samples are one skein wonders that knit up as quick as a wink.  You may find that if you do have some traveling ahead of you this month, either of these smaller projects will slip right into your carry-on and help wile away a train, plane or car ride. fractal 1The first is Kirsten Johnstone's Fractal Cowl.  Our friend Cathy Cathy did a great job knitting up this stylish accessory with one skein of Blue Sky Extra on a size 8 needles.  "Inspired by the cutting-edge architecture of Australia, this chic scarf alternative is worked in the round (each one unique) to create sharp, geometric patterns and clear linear designs." tokyo towerNext is the Tokyo Tower Bandana.  This pattern was designed by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, and can also be knit up with a single skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Extra on a size 9 needles.  "A journey to Japan inspired the simple sophistication of this sleek little scarf. Borrowing elements from both shawl and cowl, it lends a beautiful bit of polish wherever the day may take you."All six patterns from the collection were inspired by different destinations, and it is fun to see how each of the designers captured their memories of a place in the textures of their knitted accessories.  We hope that you can browse the collection and give yourself a mini holiday. extraA quick visit to the shop may also provide you with a welcome break in your routine.  We'd love to show you our selection of Extra yarn that may inspire you to cast on for a destination project of your own!