Autumn Decorations

Julie’s epic pumpkins that were taking over the flower bed in front of the shop have already been nibbled by the backyard squirrels; so she’ll be turning to Marie Mayhew’s patterns to create some autumn pumpkins to decorate the shop and her home.  These two patterns are available for $6 each and can be created with Cascade 200 or Lambs Pride yarns. pumpkinsOn the left is the Felted Woolly Pumpkin, a life sized pumpkin that measures about 10-inches wide by 9-inches high after felting.  On the right is the Felted Harvest Pumpkin. You can create your own pumpkin harvest without ever leaving the house. This pattern gives directions for three sizes: small, medium and large. Either version could be decorated with a jack-o- lantern face for Halloween. acornsWe also have two newer patterns of Marie’s that could bring the beautiful Fall foliage into your home. The Felted Woolly Acorn and Oak Leaf pattern creates a large oak leaf using two strands of worsted weight yarn together that could function as a trivet on your Thanksgiving table. The pattern also includes instructions for three sizes of acorns.  A larger selection of leaves can be found in the Felted Wool Leaves pattern which includes 3 leaf designs in two sizes: a small and large Elm, Maple and Linden Leaf.  Both of these patterns are available for $9.If you have tried felting before, or if you are new to the technique, we hope that you’ll stop in to take a look at these patterns. Marie Mayhew patterns are impeccable and always popular with our customers.  We  know that you’ll have as much fun making these seasonal decorations as you will enjoy them year after year.