Awash with Spincycle

We are awash with our new supply of Spincycle kits and individual skeins of yarn!We  have Clementine Cowl kits using superwashed-in-America sport weight Dyed In The Wool.  The colorwork is created with slipped stitches which makes it look harder than it is!spincycle-clementine-cowl-kit-RTPWe have Cara Cowl kits using Independence, a heavy worsted weight yarn.  The polka dot pattern is again created with slipped stitches!spincycle-cara-cowl-RTPWe have Circular Reasoning kits using sport weight Dyed In the Wool.  This design uses a stranded colorwork pattern.Spincycle-Circular-Reasoning-kit-RTPLastly, we have beginning Brioche cowl kits in two weights.  Hawkshaw uses heavy worsted weight Independence while Gumshoe uses sport weight Dyed In The Wool.Spincycle-Hawkshaw-Cowl-RTPOwners Kate and Rachel, from Bellingham, Washington, are also the dyers.  They found a small mill, run by a mother-daughter team, close by to spin their wool into yarn.  Very few people are involved in bringing this yarn from the sheep to your hands!There is a reason Spincycle colors have a special quality; they are dyed in the wool before they are spun into yarn which is unusual.spincycle-worsted-RTPSkeins are one of a kind but if they are from the same dye lot they will blend beautifully for a larger project.Kate and Rachel pair imaginative colors resulting in fun kits that can be a perfect starting place for using their yarn!You can also search Ravelry for projects made with Dyed In The Wool, Independence or Knit Fast, Die Young to spark your creativity.We invite you to come into the shop to see these lovelies for yourself!