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As temperatures start to rise and our spring storms shift from snow to rain, we find ourselves longing to work more delicate patterns that we'll wear through summer's warmth.  We have a new sample to share with you that has totally captured our attention this week as we've started considering lighter knits.Hakusa-02This featherweight shawlette is Hakusa designed by Kirsten Johnstone.Ours was created with two strands of Ito yarns: Ito Serishin (2 skeins) and Ito Tetsu (1 cone) worked on a US 6 needle.  This yarn combination creates a blend of silk with a fine strand of stainless steel which has a memory for shape.  It is perfectly suited for this pattern, which can be knit up in two sizes (the larger is pictured here).Hakusa-01We love how this simple stockinette fabric creates such a delicate accessory without the complexity that can accompany lace work: charts and complicated stitch patterns are not required.  It is feminine without fuss - perfect!ItoWe have several delightful color combinations in stock that you may want to consider.  Give us a call and we can set aside or send you exactly what you need for a new spring shawl/kerchief of your own!  Better yet, join us for our community knit night this evening and we'll get you cast on without delay.