Beguiling Brioche

Knitters are discovering brioche ribbing and patterns are popping up everywhere!Brioche-cowl-detail-RTPDesigners Bristol Ivy, Stephen West, Andrea Mowry,  Ysolda and Nancy Marchant (the brioche queen), to name a few, have patterns using this light, fluffy fabric that is reversible, elastic, and twice as thick and twice as warm as stockinette or garter.Askews-me-brioche-shawl-RTPBrioche is a type of ribbing that incorporates a slipped stitch with a yarn over on one row which is then knit together as one stitch on the next row.Spincycle-Hawkshaw-Cowl-RTPBrioche, by any other name, is still brioche!  It is also known as English Rib, Fisherman's Rib, Shawl Stitch, Patentsteek, and Shaker Knitting among others, all with various ways of creating the same fabric.  Increases, decreases, and cables can be created with the brioche stitch!The earliest brioche patterns written in English are from 1840 and were for cushions and footstools.  It was called brioche because of its resemblance to the fluffy French pastry;brioche RTPBrioche knit with two colors is as easy or even easier than with a single color.  Come into the shop to see our samples and sign up for Amelia's Brioche Series class on Saturdays, September 10, 17, and 24 from 9am - 11am.brioche-cowl-on-Diana-RTPThis class will have you 'brioching' like a pro; you will learn all of the basics plus how to increase, decrease, create cables and fix mistakes.  Brioche is mesmerizing, relaxing and much easier than one would think!  We encourage you to give it a go!