Behinds the scenes with Dani of Sunshine Yarns

We've been overwhelmed by your response to Dani's beautiful mini skein kits.  These limited edition treasures are hard to resist and you may find them even more so when you learn a bit more about Dani and how she started Sunshine Yarns.We reached out to her and asked her a few questions so that you could get to know her and her work a little better. © 2014 Michelle Garey PhotographyThis is Dani with her husband and business partner Scott and darling daughter Clara.  They live in the canyons above Boulder and we love having them so close by.What were you doing before you started Sunshine Yarns? ~and~ What was the inspiration for starting your brand?Ha ha! These stories are always the fun ones ... I finished my Master's in Environmental Science in December of 2003, where I specialized in Limnology and Hydraulic Engineering. That Spring I moved to Boston to work as an Environmental Scientist for a consulting firm, and spent lots of time doing water quality testing on the Connecticut River in NH and VT.  During this time, I had learned to knit and started a blog. I also learned pretty quickly that the office lifestyle wasn't for me. I remember having a conversation with my now husband Scott about wanted to start my own business. We were on a long drive, and were brainstorming things I could sell. Something artsy perhaps?? Yarn didn't even cross our minds. Later that Summer I remember seeing some bloggers post about dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid. Fun, I thought!!! After one try with Kool-Aid, I ordered some real dyes and starting playing around a little bit more. Bloggers started emailing me, asking to buy a skein or two. I decided to open up a small Etsy store (this was back in the Fall of 2005), and Sunshine Yarns was born!

As for inspiration,  it certainly was born out of a desire to create. To create something unique and completely my own. To provide a product that is made with love, and not made in a factory halfway across the globe. To allow myself to find art in everyday life.
sunshine skeinsWhat do you think makes your yarn unique?Sunshine Yarns is certainly unique. We find inspiration from new colors all over the place, and are always trying new things. We have an always expanding color pallette and continually introduce new clubs, new kits, gradient sets, mini skeins, etc. We are so fortunate to live in the foothills of Boulder, CO and constantly see inspiration in the world around us. In addition, we search out the highest quality yarns in the world. Over the past year, I've been getting samples from dozens of mills in the US, Europe and South America, as we are in the hunt for some new and exclusive base yarns. What is your favorite part of your job?I love being able to take a picture and translate it onto yarn. Its become a big passion of mine, and it makes it extra exciting when my customers get equally excited too.  sunshine gradient 03How do you come up with the names for your beautiful colors?Sometimes I have a name in mind beforehand.. for example Single Malt. I fell in love with this color and had to dye it up one day. Other times, I'll dye the yarn first and just see what comes to mind. Usually names come pretty easily, as I pull a lot of my inspiration from nature.

 And lastly, a question we can resist asking anyone we come in contact with,
What is on your needles?Right now I'm working on some Winter knits for my sweet 1 year old, Clara! I'm just finishing up Bloomsbury Kids sweater for her in my Feather Merino Worsted. Its such a pretty, soft knit and will layer well over everything.We hope that you enjoyed learning a bit more about Dani, the very talented artist behind the stunning skeins of Sunshine Yarns.We hope that you can visit the shop soon to see all of the new skeins that she's created for us.  We feel certain that her lush colors will inspire you to create something beautiful.