Best laid plans

Sometimes, the projects we plan are not the ones that we finish.  Jenny and Kate both spent some time this past weekend re-envisioning projects into ones that will be so much better!Jenny reached some kind of knitting milestone; she frogged 3/4 of a knitted top because she felt that the colors were wrong.  Perfect by themselves but wrong together.  It languished in it's bag for over a year (possibly two?!?).

It was Shibui Mix No. 19 with Pebble held double. She had tried a sample of this striped top on at a Shibui Trunk Show in the shop and was surprised and delighted by the flattering fit.


However, the more she thought about her project, she had to admit that her color choice of Brass and Poppy was problematic.  Those two colors play very nicely together but would overwhelm color block top!  That lingering doubt caused Jenny to stop working on the project.

Kate has been haunted for months by a project she just couldn't seem to get started.  Last year, she selected several skeins of Ella Rae Lace Merino to make Hitofude.  This popular lace cardigan is a huge hit on Ravelry, and yet as the months crept by she couldn't imagine wearing the sweater once it was completed.  So the yarn waited, and waited.


This weekend, she re-envisioned that project into a totally different sweater.  Using two strands of the Ella Rae held together with another 2 strands of Shibui Silk Cloud, she is knitting up an aran weight Ramona Cardigan that will be of much more use to her.  And best of all, this project is knitting up in a flash!  After just a couple of knitting days, she has completed everything but the sleeves.  An impossible feat for a lace weight project.


We've found that when your instincts are encouraging you to take a break, they are worth paying attention to!   When you find yourself wondering about a gauge problem, a dropped stitch, or even your yarn choice; put your project down.

Giving yourself time away from the project may change your mind or provide you with a chance to reconsider your plans.  When we can step back from the desire to simply finish the project, we can make choices that will lead to a more satisfying end result.

Returning to a project with a fresh perspective may lead you to make drastic changes; but in the long run, we think you'll be very pleased with your results.