Bombs away!

About a dozen intrepid crafters converged on the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery earlier this week for some after hours yarn bombing.  These gals created one of a kind installation pieces both inside and outside the museum in conjunction with the ongoing exhibit Stitching Through Time. stich-signAs part of this month-long event, Denver based yarn bombers Ladies Fancywork Society will be coming to Fort Collins tomorrow to teach a crochet class that should be wonderful fun.  You can find out more about that class here.Our local yarn bombers (who shall remain nameless) had a wonderful time at the Museum and we hope that you can make time for a visit in upcoming weeks to explore the museum and enjoy their handiwork.  Here are a few examples. photo 4 photo 3Julie's personal favorite may be the rainclouds and drops that are inside the museum as part of an irrigation exhibit. photo 3-1The Associate Director sent an open letter to those involved:

Dear Mad Bombers (whoever you are),

While I would normally not want to think about our museum being bombed, in this case it was a joy to behold. My normal routine of walking into the museum already thinking about what I was going to have on my plate today was quickly distracted by the colorful, out of the norm, creations that were all around me.

My initial smile when I saw the first evidence of your work turned to amazement as I encountered more and more of your creative, artistic pieces. I was particularly taken with the ingenious use of one particular exhibit structure—it made me think that maybe a little water in the museum is not such a bad thing after all.

Thanks for your efforts in brightening up the place, adding a surprise to my day and surely to our visitors days, and may you be rewarded with good bombing karma in the future.


Brent Carmack Associate Director

What fun!  A job well done to be sure.