Brand new: Cumbria!

The web is abuzz with excitement over the new yarn from The Fibre Company: Cumbria!cumbria-01These stunning skeins feature a worsted weight blend of 60% Merino Wool, 30% Masham Wool and 10% Mohair.  Like the other yarns we know and love from the gals at the Fibre Co., this blend is delicious!"The merino in this blend provides softness, elasticity and memory. The masham wool's natural dark brown color blends with the white merino to make a beautiful light brown / grey base which creates interesting depth of color and texture. The luster from the Mohair adds to the color beauty and the strength provides the long wear that makes Cumbria great for sweaters that get regular use."We couldn't be happier to have a new option for sweaters.  And just in time for Fall!And to help get your create juices flowing, the shop will be showcasing a Trunk Show of the Cumbria Collection from September 1st until September 21st.We hope that you'll have the chance to visit us during the first few weeks of September so that you can see for yourself just how deliciously knit-worthy this new yarn and these 10 patterns are!