Celebrating Brooklyn Tweed's Arbor!

Brooklyn Tweed has launched their newest yarn, Arbor!arbor-skeins-2-rtpArbor is a new venture for Brooklyn Tweed!  It's worsted spun, meaning the fibers are combed straight and closely aligned before spinning, resulting in yarn that is denser and stronger and has more weight and drape than woolen spun yarns.ptarmigan-cowl-rtpBecause of the way they're spun and the tweediness of their colors, the other Brooklyn Tweed yarns have a rustic look to them while Arbor does not.light-arbor-skeins-rtpArbor is dyed after it's spun, creating 30 colors that have slight differences within their color families.dark-arbor-skeins-rtpTarghee sheep from Montana and South Dakota give us this finewool yarn, meaning it is in the same softness category as Merino which is generally recognized as the softest of wools.follow-your-arrow-arbor-rtpAll Brooklyn Tweed yarns are produced totally within the US; Arbor is no exception and is dyed at the only organically certified dyehouse in the country!It's a springy, 3 ply DK weight yarn that will perform magnificently with cables or textured stitches!sweet-william-hat-arobr-rtpThe colors are best seen in person so come into the shop to see and squeeze this lovely new addition to the Brooklyn Tweed family!