Come for Colorwork!

We have a class starting on Tuesday that we are thrilled about, although some of us are a little intimidated at the same time!  That's good because it means learning will take place and our knitting skills will grow.Jeannie Giberson, a gifted and patient colorwork teacher, is teaching a two session Colorwork Fundamentals class on Tuesdays, August 30th and September 13th from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.  Students will make two-color wristwarmers as they learn about color selection, how to hold one color in each hand, how to achieve correct tension, and other kernels of wisdom Jeannie has to offer.Finullgarn-Colorwork-Wristlets-RTPThis class is perfect for your first foray into colorwork and, if you become hooked, we have another class for you in October!  Jeannie will teach Latvian Mittens over three Saturday sessions Oct. 1st, 15th and 29th from 9am - noon.These classes use Norwegian Rauma Finullgarn yarn which is superb for colorwork due to its 'stickiness' and the range of colors available.Finullgarn-yarn-RTPFor her October class, Jeannie will use the Mittens of Latvia book which includes the history of these unique mittens along with numerous detailed photos.  We have copies in the shop!Mittens-of-Latvia-bookThe oldest mittens in Europe are Latvian and they have a rich history.  The colorwork was mainly on the cuffs since colored wool was home-dyed and scarce.  A gift of mittens from a young woman to her beau was a sign of engagement and brides gave away mittens at weddings which required many, many pairs. The tradition of knitting mittens passed down through families and individual patterns could be traced back to a certain parish within a district of Latvia, rather like a signature!Jeannie's-Latvian-Mittens-WIP-RTP Jeannie's-Latvian-Mitten-detail-RTPThere is still time to sign up for the class, get your yarn and do the tiny bit of homework required before the first session!