A couple of new classes just got added to our schedule

We are thrilled to announce a couple of new classes that we are adding to our calendar in August.Our friend Joy Markley is an experienced corporate computer trainer as well as an avid knitter. Put that combination together and you find someone who is passionate about showing others how to use technology - especially if it applies to making their knitting more efficient and fun! © mashable.comiPad Tips & TricksSaturday August 9th or 23rd 10 - 11:30amCost: $20A helpful class showing you a variety of tips and tricks for using your iPad! Not a class about knitting - but one about getting the most out of your iPad. Come learn tips that will make using your iPad more effective and lots more fun! All you need to bring is your iPad!  This class is not knitting specific.  It is geared towards anyone who wants to make the best use of these amazing tablet computers.  Joy told us that some students brought their husbands along to previous classes.You will need:-iPad (any iDevices that support iOS 5.x, including all iPad generations, iPhone, and iPod Touch)Intro to knitCompanionSaturdays 9th & 23rd 1 - 4pm (two session class)Cost: $65knitCompanion® allows you to transform your library of PDF knitting patterns into highly interactive knitting instructions right on your iPad (all generations, including the mini), iPhone and iPod Touch! Its patented, knitter inspired system will enable you to interact with your patterns like never before. For the first time, you will be able to easily use the patterns in your PDF library in a highly functional electronic form the way you want to knit from them!. Unlike generic PDF readers, knitCompanion supports advanced capabilities for charts and written instructions fined tuned for a knitter’s needs. This includes row markers, stitch markers, highlighting, smart counters, special row instructions in charts, and much more! Come join the knitting revolution!You will need:-iPad (any iDevices that support iOS 5.x, including all iPad generations, iPhone, and iPod Touch) with the knitCompanion app installed; and the paid version of knitCompanion already purchased from within the app-a free Dropbox account is helpful to have setup prior to class More details can be found on the classes page of our website. We'll need to limit the registration to just 8 students so call us right away at 970-407-1461 to save your spot!