Deal of the Day: 30% off all of our bags

Who among us doesn’t love a really good bag?  Women can become as magical as Mary Poppins, and prepared to handle any situation with the tools she can squirrel away in her purse.  I have girlfriends that stash everything from stain removers to multivitamins for their kids in their bags.  Thank god large bags are in fashion.

As a knitter, I use a large variety of bags to keep things close to hand and easy to find.  I have a basket that holds all my patterns.  I have a zippered Walker mesh bag that holds all my notions: circular needles, stitch holders, measuring tapes, etc.   I have a della Que silk needle case that holds my Addi-Turbo Click set of circular needles.  I have baskets and bins from the Container Store to organize my yarn stash.  And finally, I have bags of all sizes to hold my projects.  You may remember from a November blog post, that I have a large number of projects on the needles.  In spite of 6 weeks of furious knitting, that situation hasn’t changed much. (I've emptied 2 of those 8 bags - but there were other secret cast on projects that weren't mentioned in that blog that have taken those projects' places. Not to mentioned all the projects started and finished in those 6 weeks that never went into a bag.)  If it weren’t for this crazy collection of bags, it would take me ages to find things, and my tiny house would be adrift in yarn.

This Wednesday, at My Sister Knits, we are offering 30% off of all our bags.  This includes the breathtaking beauty above from Offhand Designs. The discount will also apply towards the gorgeous knitting bags from Atenti, a US based bag manufacturer whose designs we adore, as well as the playful project bags from Slipped Stitch Studios, perfectly designed to slip over your wrist and facilitate comfy knitting while standing in line.  And I can't forget to mention Chica bags.  These little bags promise practical fun for everyone and being organized with these indestructable wonders has never been more colorful.

Stop on by the shop to see the full selection of all of our bags, big and small, that can make your life more beautiful, more organized and more fun.