Deal of the Day: 40% off Swans Island Blankets

Julie and Dawn are known for their impeccable taste.  We count on them for color recommendations and button selections, and often rely on their suggestions for must-visit shops, restaurants, and other destinations.  When they came across Swans Island products they found something very special.

Many of us have had the privilege of using the gorgeous Fingering and Worsted weight yarns for various projects. Even the patterns that come from that small island in Maine are worth their weight in gold.  But the blankets that are created there are something else entirely.

It’s worth reading about the company’s history, but the quick snapshot is this: “The Swans Island process is a labor of love and a meditation on the beauty and value of a handmade life. We approach our weaving and dyeing in a way that honors traditions of craft in order to create a more sustainable future. Each piece is created with techniques honed throughout centuries of fiber arts. Our wool is first carefully selected; each blade of grass removed from the fleece by hand. Washed only in organic soaps that leave the inherent lanolin behind, the wool is then spun, dyed, and woven with age-old techniques.”

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the small selection of hand-woven blankets that Julie and Dawn ordered for us, you’ve been missing out.  This week our Deal of the Day features these amazing heirlooms at 40% off.  This is your chance to make one of these treasures a part of your family’s holiday memories.  It may be the only thing that you want on your holiday wish list.