Deal of the Day for July 24th: 30% off Knitting Brioche

We are trying something new this month with our Deals of the Day.  We are offering a specific book each week at 30% off, and with the purchase of the book you can also save 30% on any in stock yarn you select to make any of the patterns included in their pages. This week our Deal of the Day is Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch by Nancy Marchant.

I have dabbled a bit with the brioche stitch.  I have knit up the Purl Bee’s Brioche Cowl and started Swans Island Measure for Measure Scarf.  I love the soft plush feel of brioche projects.  The double layer of yarn creates soft squishy warmth that can’t be beat when the wind starts to blow.  And the simple but stunning color combinations that can result from two stranded brioche are fantastic. But the brioche stitch is a tricky one, I have found that these projects require a bit of extra focus to keep on track.

In my opinion, Nancy has done the impossible.  She deconstructed the brioche stitch trying to figure out exactly how it works.  And by doing so, she has mastered it.  Not only was she able to figure out how to add a third color to what was once believed to be an exclusively two color stitch; she also has demystified increases, decreases, and (gasp) cables!

The patterns in these pages are stunning and will certainly make a devotee of the brioche stitch of you.  But you may find, as I do, that the section that illustrates various brioche stitch combinations will be what really captures your imagination.  These pages act like a stitch dictionary with photos and clear row directions to provide you with a wealth of beatiful textures and color work that will result in breathtaking finished pieces.

We hope that you can stop by to take a look at this beautiful book and consider making the Brioche stitch your next personal challange.  Feel free to give us a call at the shop and we can get your copy in the mail to you. 970-407-1461.