Delightful Summer Knitting

Ahhhh, the delight of working on summer knitting projects!They tend to be small and workable in the presence of friends and family while visiting and sipping a favorite beverage. Our friend Ann recently created a striking Baktus which fits those requirements perfectly!Ann's-Baktus-fixedShe chose two of our newest yarns, Hedgehog and Lollipop, in bold colors and added an element of playfulness with tassels at each end. Hedgehog's Bali colorway and Lollipop's Candy Crush colorway make a bright, cheerful summer scarf.We will put together a personalized kit for you with colors of your choosing since this Baktus uses only half a skein of each colorway!The choices are numerous for this project; Hedgehog could also be paired with Scrumptiouspurl or even another Hedgehog.Hedgehog,-Scrumptiouspurl-for-Baktus2-fixedWe look forward to seeing the different combinations our creative friends put together. We'd also love the chance to play with colors with you if you're undecided, so come in to have your July 4th knitting ready go to!