The devil is in the details

We all know that the perfect accessory can make an outfit.  A similar rule can be applied to our painstakingly crafted hand knits: the perfect button, toggle or clasp can make all the difference in the world. photo 3 (2)Julie has brought into the shop a handful of wonderful notions from JUL Designs.  Above, is "the Lock which doubles back on itself and ‘locks’ in place, making it extremely secure. This closure is equally gorgeous on the flounces of a knitted coat or amidst the cables of a men’s cardigan.Both The Latch and The Lock are more stable and stylish alternatives to the toggle.  (The Latch is pictured below.)  This pair of closures is the 3rd generation of a series of innovative and unique closures that screw into both sides of a garment or accessory and snap in the center making them versatile and (re)moveable.The Latch, small and simple, evoking the rustic and homey hinge on a barn door, gains its visual power in numbers. Imagine 8 of them adorning the opening of a military-style cardigan, creating shaping at the waist and closing a split cuff." photo 2 (2)These closures can be seen beautifully ornamenting items in  the Topographi Collection of patterns on Ravelry.  We hope that you will stop by the shop to see our selection.  We have clasps in both brown and black leather, as well as some round pedestal buttons that are sure to please.The (re)moveble nature of these designs means that they can be used like shawl pins.  Dawn took a photo of our Goovy shawl to illustrate. photo 1 (1)We can't wait to see how they embellish your hand knits!