Ethically Sourced Pom Poms

We at My Sister Knits want to share the touching background stories of our pom poms so you can be confident that the sources for these fun accessories are as ethically responsible as you would want.  Julie found two companies on opposite sides of the world that have found uses for animal pelts that otherwise would be wasted.Toft-alpaca-pom-pomsOur alpaca pom poms are from Toft, a British company whose products are both ecologically and ethically sound. Their pom poms come from Peru and are made from the pelts of animals who have died from natural causes, usually young ones who aren’t strong enough to survive.Picture  indigenous Peruvian alpaca farmers who depend on their herd for their livelihood.  Each animal is a precious source of income; therefore, it can be devastating if an animal dies. Selling these pelts can help off-set the lack of earnings due to an untimely death of one of the herd.dyed-Wabarna-pom-pomsOur Silver Fox and Beaver pom poms come to us directly from Moonika Rander, owner of Wabarna in Estonia! The Estonian government has decreed that their animal population must be kept under control. Moonika works with hunters to put the pelts of the animals to good use; she uses as much of the pelt as possible to make pom poms and other products.Her pom poms come with ribbons so they can be temporarily attached to anything that suits your fancy!A fun fact about the care of her pom poms: to freshen them up in the winter, toss them in the snow and it will liven them up instantly. When there is no snow, the freezer has to substitute. If your pom pom gets wet, let it dry and fluff it up with a bit of frost. Will we plan a pom pom fluffing party when it snows!Estonian-pom-poms-2Your purchase of our pom poms is not only ethically sound but also helps those who are making the best use of pelts of animals who have died, from indigenous farmers in Peru to a young mother in Estonia.