Extra help

We know how frustrating it can be to run up against a problem when you are in the middle of a project.  Each of us at the shop has experienced all kinds of uh-oh moments and want to be sure that we help support you through yours.You probably already know that you can stop in any time the shop is open and we will do our best to help you with whatever snarl has occurred.  Sometimes it can be a little difficult to get focused one on one attention; and so we want to give you a special time to visit when you are guaranteed to get the help you need. Knitting-911-product

Amelia is a very talented knitter and we are very lucky to have her as a member of the My Sister Knits team.  She has offered to make herself available from 10am - 12pm every Wednesday to provide you with FREE support.  She can help you with all kinds of techniques, skills, troubleshooting, and other questions including (but not limited to):

fixing mistakesfrogging and getting stitches back on your needlesseaming questions (including kitchner help)weaving in endspattern explanationchart interpretationjoining yarnsstriping and changing colorsworking in the round (magic loop and traditional)increases and decreasescable fixesturning a heellace pattern repairslifeline placementwrap and turn techniquesbutton hole basicspicking up stitchesvarious cast on and cast offs

If you hit a snag this is not included in this list give us a call or bring it in.  It is likely that we can help.  The shop is open Tuesday 10am - 8pm, Wednesday through Saturday 10am - 5pm.  And, you can reach us at 970-407-1461.  We're eager to be of help.