Fearless Knitting

Our friend Jenny will soon be offering FREE drop in knitting support hours that you may want to take advantage of.  Starting this Thursday, she'll be offering twice weekly sessions geared for both novice and intermediate knitters alike.On Thursdays from 11-1 and Saturdays 9-11, Jenny will demonstrate a technique or skill in the first hour and use the second hour to give one on one help to anyone who drops in.  She can help fix your mistakes, get you back on track, or even talk you through the next steps in your pattern.And she'll be launching the program with our all-time favorite cast on: The Long Tail Cast on.Thursdays Feb 11 & 18 from 11-1 or Saturdays Feb 13 & 20 from 9 – 11cast-onIn this demonstration you will learn:

  1. The difference between the knit cast on and the long tail cast on
  2. How to make the long tail cast on
  3. Several methods of determining how much yarn you will need for the cast on

We encourage you to bring needles and yarn to practice this cast on while you’re at the shop.Call us if you have any questions about the program or simply stop on by during her support hours and dive right in!