Feeling Breezy?

This Week’s Deal of the Day is 30% off Anzula’s Breeze.  This lace weight yarn is a matte finish blend of 65% silk and 35% linen.  This yarn is light, soft, and has a stunning drape.  Each skein has a generous 755 yards.  Our sample knitters have all confirmed that it is a dream to work with and we have an inspiring collection of samples in the shop for you to come try on and enjoy.

Kristen started the recent boxy craze when this beauty came back to the shop.  All of us have tried it on, and it flatters every body type.  The pattern calls for a whole lot of stockinette stitching, which can be a delightfully easy knit for social knitting or when you are watching TV.

Amelia just returned Itaca to the shop. This beach wrap is part of Steven West’s 4th book: Made for Movement.  It calls out for a trip to a beach or an umbrella drink.

We’ve loved having this scarf version of Julie Hoover’s Rivage in the shop.  Knit up with three neutral colors of Breeze, it is a beautiful accessory that could flatter any complexion and compliment just about any outfit.

New to our sample collection is Assemblage’s Paper Crane.  Helen knit this up in a beautiful sage green that you have to see.  She recommends knitting this pattern as a vest which would save you some knitting and some yarn.

Just about any lace weight project you choose will be a treat to work with Breeze.  You’ll want to stop in early this week for the best selection, as our supply of Breeze is limited and we’ve heard from Anzula that this popular yarn is backordered indefinitely.  This is a Deal of the Day you don’t want to miss.