Following a recipe or playing jazz

I’ve been reading A Homemade Life this week, a memoir written by Molly Wizenberg which includes some delicious recipes. In one of the chapters she describes how difficult it can be for her to modify a recipe.  She prefers to cook straight from the book so to speak.Well, many of us crafters like to work the same way.  Following a pattern exactly should work every time.  And yet, I have had some surprises.  Several of mine have been worth frogging; but I have had a few happy accidents  Some are because I didn't take the time to make a gauge swatch, and sometimes they are the result of my misinterpreting the pattern.This week Amelia dropped off a happy accident that we thought we’d share with you. DSC_0660_edited-1This is the Holey Square Shawl, a free pattern designed by Marianne Sigg.  As you can see, Amelia’s version is more of a rectangle.  She interpreted the pattern instructions in a different way, and the results are beautiful.  She blocked the shawl with little points that she created by pinning the shawl as it dried.  This is what can happen with you improvise. I like to think of it as knitting jazz.She ended up using about half of the skein of Lino that pattern calls for.  If you wanted to make something similar, you could cast on half again as many stitches as the pattern calls for giving you additional width.  Follow the pattern for as many repeats as you like, or until you run low on yarn.  We have lovely shades of Lino in stock, and each one is just $44.  With a single skein, you can create a beautiful work of wearable art, and you may find a way to make it your own with different modifications.I hope that Amelia's beautiful success inspires you to play a little.  Experiment and try something new with your next project.  Remember that we are here to support you, and can help get you out of any unexpected tangles that may result.  We look forward to seeing what you are inspired to create!