Free Demonstrations: Short Rows

We are so looking forward to the Hot August yarn Crawl that is going to start this weekend.  We have a series of three FREE demonstrations scheduled that will teach you all about short rows.A short row is a row that is not fully knitted; the work is turned before reaching the end of the row. This can create curves without the use of increases and decreases, and provide shaping options (like a bust dart) that can ensure great fitting knits.  There are a number of techniques that can be used to prevent a hole from forming at the turning point and we will cover three methods that have different benefits.On Saturday August 1st, Jenny will demonstrate the Wrap and Turn Method.  On Saturday August 8th, she will demonstrate the Shadow Wrap Method.  And finally on Saturday August 15th, Kimberly will demonstrate the German Short Row technique.There are great tutorials to be found on Youtube, but if you'd prefer to learn these methods with a bit of guidance, join us at the shop at 9am and bring scrap yarn and corresponding needles.  You'll have a chance to practice the method of the day and learn for yourself how and why you'd want to use the technique.We hope that you'll be able to join us.  We look forward to seeing you soon!