Fresh from "across the pond"

Earlier this spring we wrote about a new artist that Julie was in love with: Mary Kilvert.  We reached out to the UK designer in February, and ordered all kinds of wonderful sheepy treats and they have finally arrived!  (Never has the Atlantic Ocean seemed so large). © Mary KilvertJulie carefully curated a wonderful selection of items including pillows, coffee mugs, plates, note cards, notepads, lavender sachets, little pocket mirrors, and a small herd of handmade sheep like those pictured above.  There is something for everyone.  You may find that if you come in looking for some fun gift ideas, you'll bring home a little something for yourself. © Mary KilvertWe hope that you can visit the shop soon for the best selection; or give us a call at 970-407-1461 and we can answer questions about pricing and shipping.