Herdy at My Sister Knits

Julie found some more great design coming from the UK. While at TNNA earlier this month, Julie came across a wonderful company based in the beautiful Lake District of England.  Herdy is the brainchild of Spencer and Diane Hannah, who in 2007, created the company to provide beautifully designed and locally produced giftware for visitors to the scenic area.

We love their fun playful products, and we also admire the company’s commitment to supporting the local resource that inspired the company’s growth.  “Each year the company donates a percentage of profits to the Herdy Fund, supporting sustainable rural communities, upland fell farming and of course the Herdwick sheep.”  A stylized version of these Herdwick sheep is a part of every one of Herdy’s products.  And as fiber enthusiasts, we can resist a cute lamb.

We are proud to be one of their United States stockists. And are eager for you to come in to see the fun new things of theirs we have in stock.

These are their Peep Mugs.  We have the entire color selection and we can set aside a whole set for you if you’d like.  The mugs retail for $17. The Classic Tea Towels are made from 100% cotton and will brighten any kitchen.  They are also available in the complete range of fun colors and are available at $15.25 each.  Julie is thinking about using one to line the inside of the rucksack that she is working on.

Our favorites may be the two darling craft kits that we are in the midst of knitting up. Our samples should be ready by this weekend and you will want to see the pillow and rucksack in person.  Both kits are available in all 6 colors.  The pillow kit is $62 and the rucksack kit is $78.75.  We imagine that you'll be as charmed as we are and eager to add a small Herdy herd of cute lambs to your knitting queue.

Stop by the shop to check Herdy out or give us a call at 970-407-1461 and we can pop a little lamb in the mail for you.