Hoku: A Shawl for Fall

We have an intriguing shawl in the shop that combines soft Rosy Green Wool and Habu Tsumugi raw Silk!The Hoku shawl, designed by Jana Huck, combines visual elements, and yarns with different fibers and weights in a delightful way!Hoku's distinctive style must be seen from all sides to be truly appreciated.Hoku-shawl-front-RTP Hoku-shawl-back-RTP Hoku-shawl-side-RTPHere are additional color combinations to spark your creativity:Habu-and-Rosy-Green-Wool-combinations-for-Hoku-shawl-1-RTP Habu-and-Rosy-Green-Wool-combinations-for-Hoku-shawl-2-RTPWe welcome you to the shop to play with color combinations to your hearts' content; this shawl will be stunning to wear as cool weather approaches!