How to

I am a girl who prefers to learn new things from a teacher.  Typically, I don’t have great success puzzling through badly produced YouTube videos, or confusing illustrations that can tie my fingers up in knots.  But occasionally I find directions online that just make sense.This week I found something that I thought worth sharing with you.  In the most recent edition of Twist Collective, there are two “how-to” articles that are clear, well written, and even better… clearly illustrated! © Twist CollectiveSandi Rosner has written a wonderful article singing the praises of blocking: Block Party.  With lovely photos, she walks us though the why but also the how!  You will be able to see exactly what the wet block process looks like, and I’m sure she’ll be able to convince you that it’s worth it.The other article that I am excited about is the second in a series.  Robin Melanson has started a three part collection of articles focused on fixing common mistakes: The Error of Our Ways. In the Spring issue, her first article covers basic mistakes. These start with remedying increase and decrease blunders and move into fixing lace.  The photos make her instructions very clear.The second article in her series focuses on fixing average mistakes such as cable repairs and color work fixes.  The photos and descriptions are so clear that I understood her instructions immediately, and I love the idea of being able to fix a reversed cable at any point without frogging.  Next quarter we'll be able to learn about how "grafting and duplicate stitching can be used to correct grave errors in construction." Yikes!I hope that if you are curious about either blocking or fixing mistakes you’ll take a couple of minutes to check these out.  I am sure that you will find them as helpful as I did.