Impulse knits

Karen Templar of Fringe Association recently posted that "It’s good to go a little rogue on one’s well-laid plans once in awhile, as long as A) the journey is fun or B) the outcome is worthwhile."Kate has had Julie Hoover's Dafne pattern waiting in her queue since it was published in 2014.  This week as snow started to fly, again, around Fort Collins, she cast on with some sunny golden yellow Shibui linen.  She spent some happy hours working with a color that reminded her of summer.dafne-wipHer tunic will be a bit shorter than the pattern calls for, but just as wearable and classic.  Already finished with the back, Kate is hoping to have the sample into the shop before long.We can't wait to see it!Is there an impulse knit that you've been flirting with?  We'd love to get you started, stop by the shop and let us know how we can help.