ITO Yarns are Ideal for Summer Knitting

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy".... these lyrics from the Ella Fitzgerald song ring true as we ease from May into June.Summer is the time when pleasant evenings are spent on the porch, sipping cool drinks, and knitting.  For some, summer provides knitting time during kids' activities.  For others, road trips are in order and what better occupation is there than knitting while the miles roll past?  No matter your plans during the summer months, we hope they involve peaceful hours with yarn and needles.We have three samples created with ITO yarns that are ideal for hot-weather knitting! Working with these light weight yarns on larger needles means no clammy hands while you create any of these beauties!  Additionally, you may be in for an enjoyable knitting adventure, perhaps just a little outside of your comfort zone, when making something with an unusual ITO yarn!  Are you ready?Our pink Hakusa shawlette, designed by Kirsten Johnstone and made with Silk Stainless Steel held with Fine Merino has been on Jenny's to-make list for at least two years; she finally decided this summer is the time to make it!  Hakusa is a Japanese word for delicate gauze or gossamer which describes this little shawlette exactly.  Lace weight yarn is held double, except for an edging, and it's worked on a size 6 needle which is perfect for hot weather knitting!This nautical looking Wapiti shawl, designed by cabinfour, uses size 6 needles with a fingering weight yarn.  Our sample is made with ITO's Urugami yarn which is created with 72% wool and 28% paper.  Japanese paper yarns are compared to silk in their character and properties and are highly prized.Our sample of Jana Hucks' Tsuru shawl is created with three of ITO's yarns and knitted on a size 4 needle.  Niji is a cobweb weight and its irregular, variegated colors show off beautifully when held with a solid color yarn. Washi is fingering weight, constructed with paper and rayon; wa means Japanese and shi means paper. The third yarn used is Tetsu, a lace weight that has a stainless steel filament twisted with mulberry silk. The stainless steel adds memory to the fabric created so it can be crimped and is fun to experiment with!Many ITO yarns can be substituted for one another; come in, choose your color, and we'll help you find the ideal summer shawl to make!