Join Us in Celebrating Worldwide Knit in Public Day!

On Saturday, June 10th, knitters all over the world will gather to knit in public!We will come out of our homes and flock to coffee shops, restaurants, sporting events, anywhere there are unknown people and we will pull out our WIPs and we will bravely knit in front of everyone!We will show the world that people of all types cherish this craft of ours - old, young, women, men, literally everyone!Worldwide Knit it Public Day began in 2005 and it's always the second Saturday in June.  There are registered events from Guinea to the Philippines to New Zealand to Luxembourg and all points in between!Gather with us as My Sister Knits celebrates this international knitting event; we will knit away in our garden from 10am until 3pm and refreshments will be offered.Yes, we realize this isn't exactly out in public; it's part of our Knitting in the Garden series this summer.  We challenge you to gather your courage to pull out your needles and yarn in our 'safe zone' and then move on to a more public place!You never know how you might influence a stranger to take up knitting, perhaps someone who needs it in their life.We hope to see you Saturday!