Julie is a little bit famous

You may have figured out that we are HUGE shibui fans.  Well, as it turns out; they think that My Sister Knits is also something very special.  Julie was recently interviewed over the phone by a member of Shibui's Portland, OR based staff.  We thought you might enjoy getting a peak at what was sent out to yarn stores across the country about our little shop!We thought that you might find this as inspiring as the other Shibui yarn stores did! Photo May 31, 9 44 37 AM

When Julie moved to Ft. Collins, CO, she never intended to open a yarn store -- quite the opposite. Like most knitters, Julie had built up quite a collection of well-loved yarns. The new house had an adorable carriage house adjacent, making it the perfect place to set up a studio and store her stash. Once she had settled in, Julie began inviting friends over to knit. Occasionally they would peruse her stash, and she would sell things to them. After awhile, they began bringing friends over, and locals were even stopping by the new 'yarn store'. Since her home was in an older, 'gray zone' area of Ft. Collins, zoning restrictions didn't prevent Julie from setting up shop in her own backyard -- so that's exactly what she did. Now, the carriage house has two floors, giant farm tables nearly always occupied by knitters and crocheters, and a burgeoning selection of fine fibers. My Sister Knits specializes in yarns that feel special, look beautiful, and make the people working with them feel good. Since the store started as a community, it has continued that way -- customers often can be found helping other customers, and everyone feeds off of the friendly energy. Julie added Shibui yarns to her shelves about two years ago, after a TNNA show......Of course, they have their favorites, Julie says. "Silk Cloud is so addictive -- it looks good with anything, not just Shibui yarns. We get new patterns in and look at the yarn and say, this would be so much better with some Silk Cloud!"shibui wall (2)"I had a homebuilder come out and make special slat walls for my shop -- I had them especially stained to make the yarn stand out, and we left space above for samples and space in the middle for patterns." We love what we've been able to create with the Shibui yarns that Julie has selected for the shop.  We hope that you've had a chance to cast on with them, or that you are planning a visit to the shop this summer so that we can show you how extraordinary these yarns are.

We look forward to seeing you soon.