Just a week away

The US Dept. of Transportation seems to think that next week will be the busiest travel period of the year with 91% of the long distance traveling (over 50 miles) being done by car.So what will you be working on?We thought we'd share a couple of project ideas with you so that if you will be traveling next week, you can bring a project on your needles.Knitting has always helped us be more gracious and patient travelers, happily working through delays, traffic jams and other stressful scenarios.  The distraction that beautiful yarn and a simple stitch pattern provides can be welcome during weeks like the one that lies ahead.setzer1Kate recently finished a cowl that she knit almost entirely on the road.  Her Setzer cowl, designed by Jared Flood, uses a simple sequence of knit and purl rows to create a lush welted fabric that drapes beautifully.setzer2The shift in the rows that you see above creates a beautiful look and is achieved with a sequence of short rows that is carefully charted.  When Kate saw those charts she thought that she'd have to save the project for another time so that she wasn't juggling the pattern and her project on her lap in the passenger seat.However, she quickly realized that the pattern instructed her work to either two stitches after or before her previous wrapped stitch row and that was a very easy thing to keep track of.So her travel project continued and when she returned home she had just a few rows remaining before binding off!If your travel plans call for something even easier, you might want to consider working on a Baktus Scarf (which just requires knitting and increasing or decreasing) or a Gap-tastic Cowl (which calls for a seed stitch sequence of knits and purls).These two FREE patterns knit up spectacularly when knit up with variegated yarns.  The beautiful colors make the finished projects more complex and show-stopping with no extra effort on your part!Stop on by the shop this week and we'll find a great project for you to take with you on your travels next week.  Something that will make your week a bit more beautiful and a lot less stressful.